American Midwest Power

Service Connection Cabinets

Double SCC (Based on Xcel Utility Metering Standards)

Double SCC (Based on Xcel Utility Metering Standards)

Utilities served that accept Double SCC cabinets:

  •     XCEL
  •     MDU
  •     Nodak
  •     Capital
  •     Rough Riders
  •     NWE
  •     Black Hills Corporation
  •     Otter Tail

Other utilities based on prior approval.


•Ratings are 800 - 4000 amp 600 volt, 3 phase 4wire, 3 phase 3wire, and 1 phase 3wire, NEMA 1/3R dual rated and Isc ratings of 85KA RMS symmetrical with no cable lashing required. (Please contact factory for higher Ratings)
•Cabinets are free standing and suitable for indoor or outdoor applications.
•Cabinets are ETL listed and labeled as per UL 1773 termination boxes.
•Cabinets meet all Nema and NEC code standards.
•Cabinets provided with electrical grade plated Aluminum or optional plated Copper bus bars.
•Connectors can be provided as set screw style ranging from (1) #6-750kcmil or crimp style are available. (all connectors can be field installed or factory)