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Innovation. Craftsmanship. Reliability.

About Us


Our mission is to be the most trusted power distribution manufacturer. Doing things the right way, coming up with innovative ideas, and living our values all result in empowering people which, in turn, earns that trust.


We envision AMP as a place where values and beliefs align, expectations are exceeded and people prosper and grow together. 


Our purpose is to be a trusted manufacturer that provides fulfilling work and produces a quality solution that all are proud of.


  • We believe in building long-term trusting relationships.
  • We believe every person has value.
  • We believe our decisions should be guided by AMP values.
  • We believe together we can accomplish meaningful and fulfilling work.

Senior Leadership Team

Steve Anderson

Production & Service Manager

Kevin Rudek

VP of Operations

James Bednarz

Sales & Marketing Manager

Justin Feickert

VP of Sales & IT


Integrity | Dependability | Knowledge | Dedication | Positivity | Valuing Others