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Market Areas

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Factory Personnel List

Employee Name E-Mail Address Direct Phone
Kevin Rudek | VP of Operations 763-852-3622
Justin Feickert | VP of Sales & IT 763-852-3679
Mark Eidem, EE, MBA | Regional Manager 763-852-3673
James Bednarz, EE |Sales & Marketing Manager 763-852-3666
Jordan Garvin, BBA | Area Manager IA/IL/MO/E. WI 763-852-3660

Steve Anderson | Production & Service Manager

Craig Peterson | Engineering ManagerCpeterson@ampmfg.com763-852-3640
Jeremy Schmidt | Business Development ManagerJdschmidt@ampmfg.com763-852-3646
Outside Sales
Employee Name E-Mail Address Direct Phone
Ronnie Payne 763-852-3675
Eric Spanier 701-306-5016
Steve Weidenbach 763-852-3667
Derek Bredman 763-852-3671
Henry Espinoza 720-301-2255
Joseph Hafer 303-746-8179
Jason Schmidt 763-852-3664
Scott Koch 763-852-3661
Joe Larson 763-852-3658
Quotations & Sales Support
Employee Name E-Mail Address Direct Phone
Denis Dorion 763-852-3663
Austin Kulka 763-852-3662
Tino Luna 763-852-3647
Tim Ottenbacher 763-852-3641
Paul Elsing 763-852-3672
Jeremy Robertson 763-852-3674
Sam Fleischacker 763-852-3650
Blanche Keith (Am. Asst. Sales) 763-852-3665
Employee Name E-Mail Address Direct Phone
Mark Carlson 763-852-3633