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Combo-Metering / Multiple Main

Compact, Competitively Priced And Readily Available: Combination Six Disconnect Rule Panel With Utility Metering Provision

  • Ratings are 400 - 1200 amp 240 and 600 volt, 3 phase 4wire, and 1 phase 3wire, NEMA 1/3R dual rated and Isc ratings of 85KA RMS symmetrical with no cable lashing required. (Please contact factory for higher Ratings)
  • All cabinets are surface mounted suitable for indoor or outdoor applications. Made from code gauge galvanized steel with tamper-proof separate doors over CT section and main disconnect section. Both doors are supplied with three point padlockalble handles.
  • All panels are listed and labeled as suitable for service entrance equipment per UL 414 / 891 standard. Cabinets meet all Nema and NEC code standards.
  • By adding (PB**) Pull box option field installed only, allows line and load entry in the same end of cabinet.