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Service Connection Cabinets

SCC - Termination Cabinet

  • Ratings are 800 - 6000 amp 600 volt, 3 phase 4wire, 3 phase 3wire, and 1 phase 3wire, NEMA 1/3R dual rated and Isc ratings of 85KA RMS symmetrical with no cable lashing required. (Please contact factory for higher Ratings)
  • Cabinets are free standing and suitable for indoor or outdoor applications.
  • Cabinets are ETL listed and labeled as per UL 1773 termination boxes.
  • Cabinets meet all Nema and NEC code standards.
  • Cabinets provided with electrical grade plated Aluminum or optional plated Copper bus bars.
  • Connectors can be provided as set screw style ranging from (1) #6-750kcmil or crimp style are available. (all connectors can be field installed or factory)