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Innovation. Craftsmanship. Reliability.

AMP Values


  • Being sincere and transparent in what you do and say. Being constructive, helpful, supportive and honest.


  • Being someone who can be counted on to do their part, and follow through with consistency. Taking ownership of your job, and being productive, hardworking, and efficient.


  • Knowing how to do your job. Understanding processes, standards, and requirements of your work; understanding people and how to relate. You have a desire to learn.


  • Being committed to team members and customers. Supporting team decisions, even if they are not your own. Being committed to doing the best job possible, and seeing your work to the end.


  • Bringing a good attitude to work, and avoiding negativity and gossip. Saying and doing helpful things.


  • Having a thoughtful, professional attitude and demeanor. Listening, being respectful, conscientious and humble.